How responsive is your website?

  • 2560px


  • 1920px

    17 INCHWorkstation

  • 1680px

    15 inchMacbook Pro

  • 1366px

    11 inchMacbook air

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    Nexus 7landscape

  • 600px

    Nexus 7portrait

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Screen Resolution: 1024px wide x 768px high
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Our Responsive Design Checker is built to do one thing very well: show you how visual elements of your site respond to different screen sizes.

It won’t show you how various technologies function within your site, so you can’t use it to test things like Flash or video players. Sites that don’t play well with iFrames, including Google, Pandora, and Facebook, will either appear as white boxes or navigate you away from the Responsive Design Checker, and you don’t want that!

This tool isn’t intended to test mobile site versions, so it won’t show you if your site redirects to a mobile version. Some devices, including the iPhone, automatically resize websites to fit the screen, but that’s not responsive design, so you won’t see that here, either.